American College of Clinical Pharmacy
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Listed below are the membership categories available—choose the membership type that best describes you. If you choose a Student, Resident, or Fellow Membership, you will be asked to provide evidence of the fact. If you choose a Full Membership, you must provide a curriculum vitae, which will be reviewed by a committee before acceptance.

International Members
ACCP offers membership discounts of up to 60% for Full, Associate, or Affiliate Members residing in certain countries. For more information, click here.

Retired Member - $130.00

ACCP offers membership discounts to current and previous Full, Associate, and Affiliate Members who are age 65 or older working less than full time. For more information on retired member discounts please contact Jon Poynter.

Full Member - $260.00

Pharmacists who have been practicing clinical pharmacy for three or more years since graduation from a college of pharmacy.

Associate Member - $260.00

Open to pharmacists who are practicing clinical pharmacy, but who do not meet the full member requirements.

Affiliate Member - $260.00

Individuals from pharmacy disciplines other than clinical pharmacy or from other health science professions.

Fellow Member - $90.00

Fellows in a fellowship program or full-time graduate students.

Resident Member - $90.00

Residents in a pharmacy residency program.

Student Member - $45.00

Students in a pharmacy degree program earning their first professional degree.

*Monthly Payment Option
Pay your annual ACCP membership dues and PRN membership dues on a monthly basis with a credit or debit card. On the day you join/renew your membership, you will be charged an initial monthly dues payment, followed by dues payments equal to 1/11 of your annual ACCP/PRN membership dues on the first day of each subsequent month. If your membership cycle is more than 12 months, your dues will be divided by the number of months in your cycle beginning the month you join.